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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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SCNetwork Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Why should I be a member?
Q: What are the other ancillary benefits I hear about?

In addition to the monthly meetings, through our relationships, you can access content at HRPS, i4cp, HCI. Most powerpoint presentations, regardless of location, are available on the website, as are the webcasts of past meetings held at the National Club.  Ebsco Executive Book summaries (approx value of $150 U.S.) are also available for free. Job Postings are also a very popular feature of membership and qualifying positions can be posted by companies and search firms, free of charge. 

Q: Who are SCNetwork Members?
Q: What is the cost?
Q: My Membership lapsed - how can I be a member again?
Q: Can I just register for an event?
Q: How much does membership cost?
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Q: How do I renew for 2020?
Q: How do I become a speaker for an SCNetwork event?
Q: How do I get the CHRP Designation?