Welcome to a new SCNetwork.ca! - Nov 25, 2020
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Culture Transformation for Long-Term Growth - Apr 8, 2020
Charles Brown, President and CEO of LifeLabs, discusses how to stay relevant in an evolving market in the ever changing healthcare industry.
The Future of Employee Health: Building the Path to Total Health in the Workplace - Apr 8, 2020
Leigh-Ann Ing, Partner at Mercer, discusses the evolution of workplace wellness to workplace well-being. Hear how a thoughtful, integrated and successfully executed wellness plan will benefit both the employee and employer, now and for the future.
Replaceable to Renewable: Building a Future-Proof Workforce - Apr 6, 2020
Kim Spurgeon, Senior Vice President of Sales at LHH, outlines what organizations can do to build a workforce with the critical skills and capabilities to help drive future business imperatives.
The Art of Talent Acquisition - Mar 21, 2020
Simon Parkin, Founder of The Talent Company, speaks to the changing landscape of recruitment and shares what leading organizations are doing to attract and retain the right talent.
Breaking Through Bias - Jan 30, 2020
Mathieu Baril, Managing Director of DDI Canada, shares how unconscious biases may limit our thinking about who has potential in an organization. Hear Mathieu talk about the importance of healthy debate and transparency in the high potential review process.
Mental Health from the Bottom Up - Aug 29, 2019
Rensia Melles, Principal of Integral Workplace Health, and Ron Sparrow, VP of Source Line discuss what constitutes a psychologically healthy and safe workplace and share ways to improve mental health starting at the grassroots level.
Building the HR Brand: The Unique Value Proposition of HR and Marketing - Jul 4, 2019
David Weiss, President & CEO of Weiss International, shares marketing approaches that HR can apply to elevate its own brand while creating new value for customers. David also highlights how HR and Marketing can partner to achieve even greater organizational success. The clip includes viewpoints from senior Marketing and HR leaders.
Administering CPR: Keeping the Employee Voice Alive - Jun 9, 2019
Rob Catalano, Co-founder of WorkTango describes approaches and practical solutions to supporting an inspirational future of Employee Voice.
Deloitte's 2019 Human Capital Trends - May 21, 2019
Jodi Baker Calamai and Aaron Groulx, Partners at Deloitte, provide an overview of the 10 human capital trends for 2019 and how they support the key themes of reinventing with a human focus and bringing meaning back into work.
Create a Mobile, Flexible Workplace to Attract and Retain Millennials & Gen Z - Mar 26, 2019
Dr. Laura Hambley, President of Work EvOHlution, and Giselle Kovary, President, n-Gen People Performance, discuss what the rise of distributed work means for Millennials, Gen Z and the leaders managing virtual teams.
What Do Culture Dynamics Have To Do With Business Metrics? - Feb 22, 2019
Dr. Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence, and his client, Azam Bhaloo, CEO of The Foray Group, discuss how the Organizational Growth Indicator (OGIŽ) measures culture dynamics, organizational mindset and adaptive capability to support growth initiatives.
Create Your Own Magic - The Power of Human Connection - Dec 27, 2018
Brady Wilson, Co-founder of Juice Inc. explores the interplay between human connection and energy. Hear about the ancient drives that, when met, release forms of energy that can lead to even greater fulfillment.
Work Is Not a Place - Nov 30, 2018
Linda Nazareth, Economist and Author, Work Is Not a Place shares her research and views on the ever evolving world of work.
The Journey from Mediocre to Exceptional: Building Truly Accountable Teams - Oct 29, 2018
LHH Knightsbridge's Dr. Alex Vincent shares research about the state of team effectiveness today. He then explains how to help teams function with greater focus and commitment to consistently exceed expectations and goals.